Specializing Hair Color with Your Magic

Just as much as a new hair color can be a soul-bolstering transformation for a client, stylists also know that the hair color they pick serves as a reflection of their own artistic vision and an expression of their commitment to staying ahead of the trends. With Your Magic’s extensive line of hair coloring products, […]

Your Magic: Professional Hair Color

Your Magic is a revolutionary line of high-performing direct colors created specifically for professional stylists and salons. Designed with phyto-tech formulation, an acidic pH, and a natural formulation up to 99%, Your Magic offers vibrant, professional hair color without compromising the hair’s structural integrity. Your Magic Technical Guide Cationic Colorants Action Your Magic utilizes cationic […]

It’s Color: Permanent Hair Color Cream

Welcome to the vibrant world of Artego’s It’s Color, where professional hair color meets creativity! It’s Color’s permanent hair color cream is not just a product; it’s a palette of endless possibilities for hairstylists who are ready to unleash their artistic flair. It’s Color‘s professional hair color range is your ticket to not just coloring […]

Professional Hair Coloring with YouUp2

YouUp2 is a groundbreaking, professional hair coloring product that promises to take your salon experience to new heights. With a host of remarkable features and benefits, YouUp2 provides exceptional hair color results while prioritizing the health and beauty of your clients’ hair. Extraordinary Results YouUp2 is more than just hair color; it’s a comprehensive hair […]

LOLA: Your Beauty Color Mask

LOLA is a tone on tone color mask. It is simple, quick, pleasantly scented, nourishing and illuminating. With LOLA the hair will shine of a new light, for a sparkling ‘WOW EFFECT’. LOLA is perfect to: 1. BOOST YOUR COLOR AND MAKE IT SHINE2. REFRESH YOUR COLOR AND MAKE IT UNIFORM 3. CORRECT OR REDUCE […]

Balance Color Perfectly with Beauty Fusion + It’s Color

In the ever-evolving world of hair coloring, achieving the perfect balance of hues and tones is nothing short of an art form. Whether you’re a seasoned colorist or just stepping into the realm of professional hair coloring, you’re likely aware that the key to creating breathtaking hair transformations lies in mastering the delicate dance of […]

Tips for Coloring Colored Hair

While coloring natural or grey hair is common, even more often you might find yourself coloring previously colored hair, sometimes with colorations we may not know. When you find yourself in this (nearly daily) situation, you can also following the 4 golden rules to choose the most suitable formula. DETERMINING THE NATURAL STARTING LEVEL AND […]

Tips for Covering Grey Hair

For grey hair coverage and coloration it is important to know the hair’s characteristics. Usually grey hair is more resistant and less elastic than natural hair. Their superficial cuticle is more resistant to penetration and absorption of substances. Obviously there are no melanin’s among the cortex fibers. COVERING SERIES Among the It’s Color series, the […]

It’s Color Blonding Cream

One basic rule of colorimetry is that “color doesn’t life color.” This means that It’s Color permanent color cream can only lighten natural hair. Using peroxides from 10 to 40 volumes with normal shades will allow us to lighten up to 3/4 levels; we reach up to 5 levels lifting instead if we use Super […]

How to With Beth Minardi: Beauty Fusion Demi Liquid Acidic Color

In a recent tutorial, a stylist asked color expert Beth Minardi to compare the most used acidic demi brand in the US with Beauty Fusion‘s Demi Liquid Acidic Color. “These are almost exact matches,” Beth said. “Do remember nothing is an exact match, but these are very close. Almost identical.” As Beth continues her research […]