It’s Color: Features + Benefits

It’s Color is made of two main color components that act in the coloring mechanism: In It’s Color Color Cream, we can find: Base Cream Creamy emulsion composed of demineralized water, mineral oils and coconut oils, kept firmly together by surfactants and emulsifiers thanks to their double polarity, hydrophilic and lipophilic. Furthermore, we find vegetable […]

Style Spotlight: Fat Tire Application

We love seeing stylists results using Artego hair products from around the country, and this Style Spotlight features stylist Leanna Knisley out of Shortinos Salon Spa in Pennsylvania. Using three Artego products, It’s Color, YouUp2, and Lovely Light Bleach, Leanna used the Fat Tire application technique to create this fresh, light, and textured look for […]

Hair 101: Hair Structures + Features

Let’s get to the root of the matter: understanding the basic structures and features of hair. Sometimes visible and sometimes not, growing your familiarity with the characteristics of all different types of hair is step one to getting your clients looking their very best. The Hair Structure: Visible + Invisible The hair is a fibrous […]

The Fundamentals of Colorimetry

Colorimetry is a science based on physical fundamentals, which help us understand color and coloring inner workings. Our current knowledge regarding colorimetry depends on Newtons’s experiments, dated 1863: Primary Colors The color sequence achieved in the spectrum is well represented by the color wheel (derivation of the Oswald star): a graphic representation that identifies primary, […]

How to Mix Color with Artégo’s It’s Color

THE COLOR MIX For a correct preparation of the color service with It’s Color and for a correct application, the style must follow the simple rules illustrated below.  Skin sensitivity test – allergy test  A sensitivity test should always be performed following the instructions described in the color package. The client needs to feel safe.  […]