Rain Dance Renaissance Hair Care Products

Every day pollution, including heavy metals from the air and water, such as sulfur particles, lead, nitric oxide, are deposited and penetrate the skin, scalp and hair, damaging them right down to the hair shaft. Intoxicated hair not only looks dull, asphyxiated, and lacks vitality, it is also fragile, sensitive and difficult to treat. The scalp becomes irritated and the protective hydrolipidic barrier unbalanced.

Rain Dance Renaissance is a natural, deep cleansing, that promotes rebalancing and rebirth. The products are usable both in the salon and can be sold for home use. You can combine them with each other, for wonderful natural rebirth treatments for the hair, scalp, and skin.

These products contain natural and active botanical ingredients:

  • Purity Bath: scalp, hair and skin – micro-peeling purifying renewing
  • Oxygen Balm: scalp and skin – oxygenating healthy vitalizing
  • Balance Elixir: scalp and hair – purifying boost oxygenating stimulating
  • Sublime Night: scalp, hair and skin – anti-aging shielding replenishing