How to With Beth Minardi: Beauty Fusion Demi Liquid Acidic Color

In a recent tutorial, a stylist asked color expert Beth Minardi to compare the most used acidic demi brand in the US with Beauty Fusion‘s Demi Liquid Acidic Color. “These are almost exact matches,” Beth said. “Do remember nothing is an exact match, but these are very close. Almost identical.”

As Beth continues her research as a color educator, and after years of products burning or giving her a rash, she decided to test Beauty Fusion herself. The Beauty Fusion brand contains no PPD, MEA, nor alcohol or resorcinol.

Demi Liquid Acidic Color Comparison

While many additional comparisons are available, this comparison chart is a good place to start to answer questions. When you order 12 pieces of Beauty Fusion, you receive developers and instructions–and a FREE 30-minute private phone call with Beth Minardi.