Your Magic is a revolutionary line of high-performing direct colors created specifically for professional stylists and salons. Designed with phyto-tech formulation, an acidic pH, and a natural formulation up to 99%, Your Magic offers vibrant, professional hair color without compromising the hair’s structural integrity.

Your Magic Technical Guide

Cationic Colorants Action

Your Magic utilizes cationic pigments, a non-ionic type, for a unique coloring experience. This cationic action, bonding with the hair cuticle, ensures no degrading effect on the hair fiber and no oxidative modification of natural melanins.


Color Families

Your Magic offers four color families, each serving a specific purpose:

Natural Formulation (Up to 99%)

Your Magic stands out with its natural formulation up to 99%, including key functional active principles:

Avoiding Traditional Synthetics:

Porosity Considerations

Your Magic’s performance varies based on hair porosity:

Acidic pH Formulation (pH 5.5)

Your Magic maintains an acidic pH of 5.5, ensuring balanced reflexes, respect for skin and hair physiology, and enhanced color uniformity on pre-bleached hair.

Preparation and Application

Your Magic is a ready-to-use color line, eliminating the need for peroxide or developers. Follow these steps for optimal results:

  1. Diagnosis and Client Consultation
  2. Shampoo and Towel-Dry
  3. Application directly or via a bowl/brush
  4. Developing Time (5-20 minutes)
  5. Emulsify and Rinse
  6. Optional: Artègo Color Shampoo and Conditioner