Just as much as a new hair color can be a soul-bolstering transformation for a client, stylists also know that the hair color they pick serves as a reflection of their own artistic vision and an expression of their commitment to staying ahead of the trends. With Your Magic’s extensive line of hair coloring products, you can curate a palette that not only meets the expectations of your clients, but elevates your own artistry to new heights. 

Color Boost – Reflex Boost in Oxidizing Colors

Enhance, correct, and enrich colors with the Your Magic Intense Pigments. This service allows for a mix of Your Magic Intense Pigments with oxidizing colors, providing a range of possibilities to intensify color reflexes and correct undesired results.


Color Glow – Maximum Brilliance in Beauty Fusion Gloss Services

Achieve maximum brilliance with Your Magic Intense Pigments in Beauty Fusion Gloss services. This mix offers a demi-permanent acidic pH color, enriching the color with intense pigments for a vibrant result.


Color Foam – Immediate Reflexes at the Washing Area

Infuse immediate reflexes into your color services with Your Magic Intense Pigments and shampoo. This unique service combines washing and toning for quick reflex corrections at the washing area.


Nutri Color – Nourishing Tone on Tone Service

Revitalize and nourish hair with Your Magic Intense Pigments mixed with mask or conditioner. This proposal adds a hydrating and glazing color or nourishing toning maintenance service to your repertoire.


Rainbow Light – Progressive Color Intensity

Create endless shades with progressive color intensity using Your Magic Intense Pigments mixed with +Magic Bianco. This special formulation allows for a range of ratios, from 1:1 to 1:20 and beyond, to achieve pastel hues while caring for the hair.


Endless Shades – Unlimited Color Potential

Unleash your creativity by mixing any Your Magic Intense Pigments shade with Your Magic Essential, Your Magic Fashion, or +Magic Bianco. The possibilities are endless, allowing for the creation of customized color shades.


Artego’s Your Magic offers a spectrum of services, providing salon professionals with the tools to explore, innovate, and create personalized, stunning hair color transformations. Elevate your salon experience with Your Magic Intense Pigments – where the magic of color knows no bounds.