Welcome to the vibrant world of Artego’s It’s Color, where professional hair color meets creativity! It’s Color’s permanent hair color cream is not just a product; it’s a palette of endless possibilities for hairstylists who are ready to unleash their artistic flair. It’s Color‘s professional hair color range is your ticket to not just coloring hair but crafting masterpieces.

Important Note: This product is intended for professional use only and is not for resale. Before use, carefully read all instructions and warnings. Work in well-ventilated areas, utilize appropriate protective equipment, and avoid nickel-plated tools.

Preliminary Sensitivity Test

For the safety of your clients, always perform a preliminary sensitivity test 48 hours before each application, even on those who have used cosmetic coloring before.

Note: The test does not guarantee the absence of allergic reactions in subsequent applications. In case of skin reactions, rinse immediately, discontinue use, and consult a doctor before further applications.

How to Use

Mixing Ratios:

Peroxide Volumes:

Development Time:



Grey Hair Coverage

Note: The product covers 100% grey hair even with O2 at 30 Vol. (9%).

Super Blonde and Ultra Blonde Shades

Additional Products

It’s Color’s permanent professional hair color cream offers a spectrum of possibilities for professionals seeking vibrant, personalized results. Embrace the artistry and creativity that comes with our premium hair color line.