We Can Help You Double Your Retail Sales!

We have surveyed salons and individual stylists.  On average, 1 out of 10 clients purchase a professional salon product. That’s all.  Meaning 90% of your clients purchase no retail products at all from you.  If we can encourage only one more client out of ten to purchase products from you, that’s a 10% sales growth and doubles what you are currently selling. 
How do we do it?  We took the idea from Kiehl’s, a skincare and cosmetic store that opened in New York City in 1851.  Kiehl’s philosophy: 

“To market its products, Kiehl’s applies a non-traditional marketing approach that relies heavily on free product samples and word of mouth endorsements from existing customers”.  Particularly known for its generous sampling policy, “Kiehl’s gave away more than 12 million samples a year, which represents 80 percent of their total marketing budget,” according to Lynn Upshaw in Truth: The New Rules for Marketing in a Skeptical World. Upshaw writes, “The Kiehl’s way of ‘selling’ is not to sell at all… They believe the products will do what they do and no hype will change that.”

We are not trying to change what you are currently selling, we are trying to help you sell more.  With your purchase of 12 – Artego Rain Dance Hydrating Shampoo 8 oz. and 12 – Artego Rain Dance Hydrating Conditioner 8 oz., we will give you 48 1 oz. sample sizes of Hydrating Shampoo and 48 1 oz. samples of Hydrating Conditioner.  96 nicely packaged 1 oz. free samples altogether.  All we need is for five clients to make a purchase, and we will have reached our goal.

And we think we will because, not having tried professional salon products, clients have no appreciation for the difference our products make to their hair and the look of their hair style.  Experiencing the difference via a sample paves the way for future sales.  Sampling overcomes the client’s fear of disappointment in a product more expensive than a bottle of Pantene at Walmart.  Besides, everyone enjoys receiving a free gift.

There are added benefits as well.  Artego retail products are exclusively available for sale only by independent salons and hairdressers.  They are not sold by Target, Walgreens, CVS, and every grocery store chain where you find the major salon brands today.  Nor are they sold by Ulta or available through E-Commerce at prices with which you cannot compete.  At Artego we back the professionals in the beauty industry 100%.

So take us up on our challenge and we guarantee your complete satisfaction 100% !