Hair Color Tips From the Pros

As a new salon owner, you have to provide many services that your customers can appreciate. For example, you must provide them with the kind of hair color that they deserve for their investment in your care. Therefore, you need to fully understand these tips set out by the best hair color companies in the USA. These professionals tips can give you the insight that you need to keep your clients’ hair in great shape and to produce the kind of color that they deserve for their bold new styles.

Tip One – Properly Preventing Staining

When your customers come to your shop, they want to get hair coloring that looks great and which does not stain places where they don’t want it to color. Typically, this type of staining occurs on the forehead or other areas near the hairline. And it can be quite challenging to prevent if you don’t know a little secret that the best hair color companies understand – petroleum jelly protection.

Start out by applying a little petroleum jelly around the hairline of your clients before you start doing any dying. This application is smart because it creates a barrier for the hair dye and keeps it from going down into their hair. Instead, it will collect on the jelly and
will absorb. Then, you can easily wipe it away after you are done with the dye job to keep their forehead clear of stains.

Make sure that you ask each client about their sensitivity or allergy to petroleum jelly before you start. As it is made out of oil, some people may be sensitive to it and may require a different approach. For example, you may lay another type of barrier, such as a hairnet, around their hairline. Though not as effective, it can stop most staining from occurring if you’re careful.

Tip Two – Properly Prepare Your Clients’ Hair

When you have a client scheduled to visit you in a few days, you should talk to them about the benefits of a deep-conditioning hair mask. Typically, your clients should try to apply this type of product into their scalp for a few days before they visit you. Doing so will help to keep the moisture in their hair better and will ensure that their color is as healthy as possible for their needs.

Just as importantly, you need to talk to them about avoiding shampooing the day before they visit you. Shampoo can not only dry out a client’s hair but may aggravate their skin and cause complications. Even worse, the shampoo will remove the oils in your clients’ hair that helps to protect against irritation from the coloring that you apply. Hair color companies suggest two days of unwashed hair for the best results.

Therefore, you may want to print out a simple series of guidelines that your clients can follow when they get their hair done. Hand them to your client if they schedule a visit to your shop or e-mail or mail them a list to help them out. If they do not take the steps you suggested – just ask them if they did before your color their hair – you may want to reschedule, if possible, to avoid the issue.

Tip Three – Know What Your Client Wants

This tip might seem a little simplistic on its surface. After all, you should always know exactly what your clients want when you dye their hair. However, there is more to this concept than merely doing what they want. As a hair colorist, you are an artist, and your perception of colors may be slightly different than what your client expects. This problem can raise a lot of real confusion. Thankfully, hair color companies can help you out here.

For example, a client may tell you that they simply want “red” hair when they visit. You picture “Little Orphan Annie” style red and apply the color. However, your client was thinking more of a “Strawberry Blonde” look. As a result, their hair is now a color that they don’t want, and they are unlikely to come back to you. This situation is almost unbearably easy to fix if you’re adequately prepared.

When your client gives you vague instructions, ask them to look at a color chart to get an idea of what shade they want. This process should only take a few minutes and can minimize the risk of disappointment. Make sure that they also understand that their color will darken slightly over the next few days. And that they will need a touch up in a few months if they want to keep that color from fading.

Vary Your Shades As You Color

Lastly, the best hair color companies near you will tell you that it is essential to use slightly different shades of hair dye whenever you work with a client. Using one color is usually not an excellent way to achieve a realistic and well-blended look. Instead, you need to use slightly darker and lighter options throughout your clients’ hair to get the best results for their overall color needs.

The best example of this is how you need to use a slightly lighter shade whenever you’re not pulling color through the ends of your clients’ hair. There are a few reasons for this approach. First, this lighter shade will add extra shine to the hair that you can’t get with a single shade. Just as importantly, it helps to create a more natural look, as most people have hair of varying shades on their heads.

Make sure, as always, that you talk to your client about this process before you begin. Let them know that you plan on using multiple colors and that they might see a slight difference for a few days. As the colors settle in their hair, though, they’ll start to blend and produce a consistent and attractive look that your clients will love.

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