How to Excel at Charitable Fund Raising & More

It is a given how poorly clients are able to replicate a professional stylists’ styling skills at home. That’s why a whole subset of salons have opened up – Blowout Bars.

What is a blowout bar? A blowout bar is a hair salon that strictly provides washing, blow drying, and hair styling services. If clients could style their own hair at home as well as you do, blowout bars wouldn’t exist. Which, in turn, proves my point: Clients need to be taught better hair styling techniques, and who is better positioned to do this than you, their stylist

But do not do this one client at a time. You are busy in the salon and typically have a client waiting for every client you are working on. So when should you do it? You and a fellow stylist or two should volunteer to help a local women’s group to hold a fundraiser. Charge $35, with all the proceeds going to the charitable organization, to individually demonstrate and teach a small group of women (no more than 15 at a time, 5 to 1 ratio) how to properly use a selection of round and flat boar bristle brushes to create great looking hairstyles – almost as good as when they walk out the door of your salon. 

I promise you four things are going to happen:

  1. The women will love the lesson and truly improve their styling skills
  2. You will raise more than $500 for the organization, and they may invite you back when even more members who heard about how much fun everyone had will participate in the future events
  3. You will have exposed your skills, personality, and caring attitude to a large group of women, many of whom are likely to become clients as a direct result
  4. That day, you may sell 30 or 40 boar bristle brushes that retail for $40 or more to the attendees

Written by Alan Beecher, with a special thanks to Jon Charles of Jon Charles Salon in Wayzata, MN, the creator of this program, for sharing.