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It's Color 5.1 oz. tube
Artego It’s Color is a harmonious, complete professional salon hair color system. Beginning with ammonia free color gels, gentle permanent cream hair colors and bleaches, moving on to the combined oxidants and energizers. Right through to the professional consultation tools such as color card and color design palette

he economical and uncomplicated Artego It’s Color provides everything that a discerning color specialist would expect of a permanent hair color. It not only stands out due to its excellent care and consistency, but it also has a particularly pleasant scent as it contains up to 1/3 less ammonia than conventional hair colors.

User-friendliness: A promise that Artego not only makes but keeps ! There are no conversion problems with It’s Color. The clear structure based on the well-known Level System from 1 to 10 makes the colors easy to use. For all shades, the level is initially stated and then the tone. No confusion with fantasy names, only clearly stated, highly descriptive color names that tell you what to expect.

100% grey coverage
25% higher pigment concentration
MCPC Multi Color Pigment Concentration (not based on blue or green)
With minerals and amphoteric molecules
Low ammonia content
No irritation, no dripping, no staining
Ideal coverage for grey and white hair
Pleasant scent
Beauty Fusion 3.4 oz. bottle
99% Natural, Organic, acid-balanced, highly performing, protective, strenghtening, made of shiny and powerful shades: it’s the revolutionary, one-of-a-kind, new color line you can find exclusively in Artègo salons:
A collection of 63 oil shades, mixable among them, formulated with organic certified ingredients, as result of the phyto-technological research Artègo carries out to care for the beauty of the hair.

BEAUTY FUSION is a multifunctional protective color, the first on the market to offer all salon services in one: GLOSS tone on tone color, DEMI PLUS demi-permanent color, FULL permanent color.

BEAUTY FUSION is more than just a color: it shields the hair from pollution, UV rays and external agents, while developing a strengthening, nourishing, anti-age action. No PPD, DEA, mea, ammonia or added alcohol.

Artègo laboratories created a multifunctional color system: from tone on tone to 100% coverage,
for tailored-made services.

Its ground-breaking formulation has been perfected to meet diverse clients’ expectations, both in color and care. Men and women are growingly drawn to natural products, devoted to the health of their hair.
Salon 01
Priced For
Growing from a small salon to her current 15,000 sq ft. salon & day spa, Micki Stirsman is dedicated to her craft and to her bottom line.
We have always been strongly committed to education, but for the last several years our first consideration has been our profitability.  Without a helthy profit it would be impossible the cliber of training and advanced eduction programs that we do for our staff.  Without this training we wouldn't be as nearly as successfulas we are today. 

When our color costs increased dramatically a few years ago, we had to make a decision;  reduce what we could offer our staff, raise our prices and risk our clients, or shop for more reasonably priced brands.  We chose to switch to Artego hair color - distributed in the USA by The Beecher Group - based on it's performance, results, price points and quality education opportunities; including the Artego Academy in Rome, an amazing hands-on workshop for advanced colorists.

Because we have learned through experience everything is interrelated to business, we know that the price we pay for color will have positive or
or negative impact on many areas of our business.  In addition to supporting our haircare retail sales, reasonably priced color products enable us to offer profitable services in our junior salon - a single-application with style is only $40 - which have been impossible at $9.00 a tube.  Our junior stylist menu also allows us to attract many new clients to our salon and retin existing ones wiht financial challenges.

In our senior salon, keeping our color costs undercontrol also means being able to maintain a pricing structure that is within reach of our target market and grow our business, even during tough economic times

Micki Stirsman, Owner & Colorist
Salon 01 in Carmel, IN
Client asking for a referral to an Artego salon:

"I would rather change colorists than change
from Artego hair color"

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