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Artego offers a colorist the finest, most complete line of beach products.  Each bleach offers special advantages for accomplishing the exact result for which you are looking.  Your clients will be thrilled with their lightened hair's color, texture and shine.  Whether your desire is for speed and energy, gradual lightening, gentle and controlled or freeform application; we have the perfect bleaching product for you.

Special mixing and application instructions for the new Artego
Deco Bleach products

ARTEGOS new technology and innovation has motivated Artego to create the Deco Bleaching system. We are now able to increase the lifting action without any additional damage. We have added more Cotton oil and Coconut extract for added conditioning and moisturizing for delicate hair.

Therefore we suggest that the colorist lower the volumes of the developers that they have been using.
If you have been using
30 vol drop to 20 vol
20 vol drop to 10  vol
10 vol drop to  5    vol

5 vol = 1-3 levels lift in 30 min
10 vol = 3-5 levels lift in 30 min
20 vol = 5-7 levels lift in 30 min

In the natural course of lifting color out of the hair
while bleaching or using high- lift tints there is a small amount of expansion that will occur.

We suggest that you allow room for this process to develop when you apply foils or any other technique that would compress the bleach.

Make sure the Deco Bleach is completely mixed up, mix it until it turns to pudding

Tip, try this :
Adding Extra Blonding cream or  Neutral  will help in the mixing and minimize expansion.

Putting developer in the bowl first , then add the Bleach and Blonding cream will aid in your mixing, to create that pudding effect.