Virtual Education

upcoming virtual education opportunities

Monday, July 22 – 11am EST (10am CST) 

Dustin McFarland & Sebastian Steele “Brightening Up for the Summer” 

Summer is in full swing and clients are ready for that “fresh out the salon” blonde look! Join industry and Artego brand experts, Dustin McFarland & Sebastian Steele, to learn how to get your clients blonde and bright for the summer season. 

They’ll cover using Artego’s lighteners and high lift colors, different toning techniques, and share some “never fail blonding formulas” that you can take back to the salon. 

Monday, July 29 – 5PM EST (4pm CST)

Beth Minardi “Problem Solver w/ Beth Minardi” 

Join Beth Minardi for this 1-hour Q&A Zoom event “Problem Solver,” where she’ll discuss business management and problem solving in the the hair color industry.

Get advice and learn new techniques on how to manage staff and expectations in the salon, handle unsatisfied clients, train “co-colorists” and so much more! This interactive session is open to industry professionals of all levels and is FREE.

Monday, August 12 – 11am EST (10am CST)

Dustin McFarland & Sebastian Steele “Tips and Tricks for Effective Grey Coverage”

Are your clients dealing with stubborn greys? Join industry and Artego brand experts, Dustin McFarland & Sebastian Steele, as they break down the tricks to handling resistant grey hair, including coverage formulas and how to effectively color hair with fashion shades without browning them out.
Monday, September 9 – 11am EST (10am CST) 

Dustin McFarland “Introducing Vieso: All-Natural Haircare”

Follow along with industry expert, Dustin McFarland, to learn how Vieso, a luxurious, clean beauty brand, uses only natural ingredients to deliver the purest, highest quality results every time, and why adding Vieso essences to your current hair services can boost your color formulas. 

Monday, September 30 – 11am EST (10am CST)

Dustin McFarland & Sebastian Steele “The Art of Using Artego Demis

Join industry and Artego brand experts, Dustin McFarland & Sebastian Steele, as they explore the different demi-permanent hair color options offered by Artego. 

They’ll discuss when and where to use one product line over the other, low lighting, toning, and color refreshing. 

Monday, October 7 – 11am EST (10am CST)

Dustin McFarland & Guest Stylist Melanie Sewell “Transitioning to Beauty Fusion in the Salon”

Get ready for an exclusive virtual experience with Artego brand expert, Dustin McFarland, as he is joined by master stylist, Melanie Sewell, to discuss her journey with Artego, and how she mastered the transition and reformulating process to smoothly introduce Beauty Fusion into her product line-up in the salon. 

Monday, October 21 – 11am EST (10am CST)

Dustin McFarland “Business Building and Retail Sales for the Holidays”

The busy holiday season is just around the corner! Join industry expert, Dustin McFarland, as he discusses how to build retail business and gain higher revenue during the holidays through client retention and new promotions. 

Monday, November 4 – 11am EST (10am CST)

Dustin McFarland “Warming Up for Fall with Added Dimension”

As we make our way into the fall and winter seasons, join Artego brand expert, Dustin McFarland, as he shares how to spice things up with special color formulas and technical tips, helping you create seasonal must-have trends for your clients.