Color Tools – It’s Color: Neutral & Blond

Neutral It’s Color Neutral contains the conditioners that make up the base of Artego hair color without any pigment. It has a variety of uses: 1. Use Neutral alone just for shine. Mix with 5 volume peroxide. 2. Mix Neutral with any Artego It’s Color shade to dilute and lighten the color approximately 1/2 level […]

Understanding Translucent Hair Color and Tone-On-Tone Coloring

Making color last in resistant hair (gray, blonde, red or hair with tight cuticle).  Because of the shine and reflective quality of Artego it’s Color, colorists who used outdated opaque hair colors may find that the tones of It’s Color are noticeably brighter and may look lighter than what they were used to. Artego It’s […]

Coloring Your Dark Hair

Coloring dark hair can be a significant challenge that can take a while for many salon artists to master. Thankfully, there are many hair color companies in the USA that can help you out here. We at Beecher Group – Artego USA have many different products that you can use to help with this sometimes challenging process. […]

How To Color Blonde Hair Properly

Hair color companies in the USA, like yours need to understand the different ways that hair color affects the people with whom you work. For example, you may think that blonde hair is more natural to dye than dark hair because it doesn’t require as much preparation. However, this ignores the diversity of blonde hairstyles […]

Hair Color Tips From the Pros

As a new salon owner, you have to provide many services that your customers can appreciate. For example, you must provide them with the kind of hair color that they deserve for their investment in your care. Therefore, you need to fully understand these tips set out by the best hair color companies in the […]