Mixing Chart for Beauty Fusion Organic Hair Color

Clients today are looking for natural products that provide great coverage that is long lasting, but gentle to not cause reactions. Beauty Fusion is an all natural product that has been scientifically developed with Phyto-Technology to ensure color stability, better scalp tolerability, and a beautify shine. It can be easily mixed to create three different types of a hair coloring products. An important part of the Beauty Fusion Hair Color concept is that one line of hair color acts as three unique products:


      1. Gloss Tone on Tone Color – Provides no lift to the natural hair color, leaves no lines of demarcation between the colored hair and the new growth of grey hair as it fades away, used as tone on tone – same level shade as natural color or darker

      1. Demi Plus Demi-Permanent Color – Offers up to 70% grey coverage, longer lasting than gloss, wide range of colors

      1. Full Permanent Color – Perfect for all hair types: natural, colored and bleached. Provides up to 100% grey coverage


    Once Beauty Fusion Color and Oxymilk are mixed, use the recommended Booster ratios below. You can also click here to download a printable version.

    Demi Plus Boost ratio chart
    Full Booster ratio chart
    Demi Plus Boost ratio chart