It’s Color is made of two main color components that act in the coloring mechanism:

In It’s Color Color Cream, we can find:

Base Cream

Creamy emulsion composed of demineralized water, mineral oils and coconut oils, kept firmly together by surfactants and emulsifiers thanks to their double polarity, hydrophilic and lipophilic. Furthermore, we find vegetable and mineral origin elements next to special synthesis molecules that:

Considering the ingredients that are used in the base cream formulation, we can state that It’s Color ensures maximum protection and cosmeticity; it makes the hair healthy and shiny with natural and uniform color results, from root to tip. The choice of a fluid cream as vehiculating agent, easily penetrating the strand and firmly sticking to the hair, makes mixing and application easy.


Sourced from renowned international companies and subjected to constant quality control:

For all these reasons It’s Color ensures precise and accurate color results (when compared to the color chart), with significant reflexes right from lower levels (for instance, 3.16 and 3.7). Pigments penetrate in depth in the cortex and this ensures the best color durability, while their oxidation (up to 99%) during developing time makes color stable and accurate, loyal and identical over and over.

To better understand It’s Color pigments mix and taste, let’s divide all the pigments types in 3 groups, corresponding to the 3 primary colors: red, yellow and blue.

The following chart describes how, in percentage, the 3 colors vary in the main series – considering an intermediate color level.

All the other series can be considered intermediate, and complementary to the above mentioned ones. Here are some essential considerations on some important It’s Color series:


It is used in the strictly needed percentage for every level (30% less than competitors), and it has been chosen as alkaline substance, essential in a color mix, thanks to its volatility (it stays on the hair as little time as possible). Some more information:

It’s Color oxidant is the creamy 02 peroxide, especially formulated to be mix perfectly with it’s Color cream. Its average pH value is around 2.5 and it is mixed:

It is formulated with 2 components: the base cream and the oxidant (hydrogen peroxide).

Base Cream

Emulsion made of demineralized water and fat substances/oils kept together by surfactants and emulsifiers with double polarity. Among the last ones, we remember:

Oxidizing Element

Hydrogen peroxide, in the most commonly used percentages – detailed below with the corresponding indications of use: