For a correct preparation of the color service with It’s Color and for a correct application, the style must follow the simple rules illustrated below. 

Skin sensitivity test – allergy test 

A sensitivity test should always be performed following the instructions described in the color package. The client needs to feel safe. 

Technical shared diagnosis 

One must take into consideration the state of the hair and its characteristics (previous colorations, porosity, tenacity, structure). Moreover the client desires must be confronted with the actual colors that can be obtained. 


Always mix the products in a non-metallic bowl, following scrupulously the It’s Color dosages that we detailed above (1:1 normal series shades, 1:2 Super & Ultra Blondes shades, 1:1 or 1:2 Extra Blonding Creams). In case of incorrect dosage unpleasant problems like irritations, reddening and undesired tones may occur. 


We suggest application on dry hair dividing the head into the four classical sections. The mixture will be applied on 0,5 -1 cm strands uniformly, applying the color on the hair. Always start from the nape, where the hair is more resistant or, if there is grey hair, where its percentage is higher. Do not start the application around the face (especially with dark shades), where anomalies and color overlappings can happen.


For a good color result it is necessary to respect developing time, which is normally of 35/40 minutes (45 minutes for Super & Ultra Blondes). The use of any source of heat that will alter the normal coloration process and is discouraged. It is important to remember that the last 5/10 minutes are crucial, because that is when treating and reconstructing kick in, to give a healthy and natural look to colored hair. 


Once developing time is over, It’s Color mixture must be emulsified with few water drop, gently massaging the scalp. This will help to eliminate the remains of color. It’s now time to rinse the color away completely, until water runs clear. The following shampoo will eliminate the remains of coloration while the conditioner will help to give brilliance to the hair (a second shampoo is not always necessary). 


It is a professional hairdresser’s duty to explain clients how to maintain the new hair colors brilliance and intensity, informing them on how to use specific Artégo maintenance products correctly.