How To Color Blonde Hair Properly

Hair color companies in the USA, like yours need to understand the different ways that hair color affects the people with whom you work. For example, you may think that blonde hair is more natural to dye than dark hair because it doesn’t require as much preparation. However, this ignores the diversity of blonde hairstyles and the different ways the shades of blonde hair can vary wildly on many people.

Therefore, you need to follow these steps below to lighten hair when working with your clients properly. By fully understanding these factors, you can ensure that your clients are satisfied with your work and the color of their hair. Just as importantly, you can avoid the kinds of accidents with lightning that can complicate your business success and make it more challenging to avoid disgruntled customers.

Know the Proper Shades

When you look at a blonde head of hair, you might think that your client’s hair is all a single shade. This mistake is one that even expert salons make from time to time. Unfortunately, a singularity of hair color is very rare from any head. Even seemingly black hair may have stray strands of red or brown that create a unique texture. The same is also true of blonde hair and may even be more noticeable here.

For example, you may find upwards of three or four shades on a single head of blonde hair. That’s because blonde colors often have a tendency to vary in texture and tone, which can make them more or less attractive. Therefore, it is important to carefully inspect each blonde client’s hair to understand how their tones work together to create the unique style of blonde hair that they possess.

Then, you need to contact any hair color companies who send you products and ask them about which tones are right for this hair. For example, lighter shades of blonde hair will need darker tones to create the same look that brighter colors may produce for darker hair. Balance is critical here and requires you to step into not only your client’s shoes but to step back and examine your work with a more clinical eye.

In this scenario, you wouldn’t be remiss to get more than one stylist to look at the hair with you. If you spend the time examining a client’s hair with another person, you are more likely to spot all of the different shades that exist in the blonde hair. Then, the two – or even three – of you can work together to craft a coloring scheme that meets the unique needs of your client and their blonde hair.

Pick the Best Colors

Once you have gauged the hair tones available on your client’s blonde head, you need to work with hair color companies to create a look that is perfect for them. Typically, this requires understanding a few of the best tones for blonde hair. The following options are all great choices, and, in each paragraph, you’ll learn more about not only the texture of the hair but what kind of person it matches the best.

For example, some women like changing up their light blonde style by adding a rose color to their hair. Rose often mixes well with gold and shadowed roots to create a surprising and alluring look. The beautiful thing about this style is that you won’t have to bleach it because your clients will already have a beautiful light tone. Ashley Tisdale rocks this hair color and creates an impressive look that is one to emulate.

However, those who want a slightly darker look should consider an auburn style. This red tone immediately catches the eye and should be an attractive look on just about anybody. Though it does require upkeep, your clients can only come to you to get the color that they need, right? And since auburn comes in many different tones, you can create a muted red or a striking one that people will love.

What if your client loves their blonde hair but wants a slight change? Soft ombre is a good choice. This style utilizes darker roots and lighter ends to create a fresh transition color. What we particularly like about an ombre is that it has a less immediately-obvious look to it than other dyes. Those clients who aren’t too sure about their new colors often mix well with this slighter and less obvious change.

Here’s another exciting color to consider when coloring blonde hair: bronde. As you can tell by the name, it is a combination of brown and blonde hair that transforms a person’s style almost immediately. What we particularly like about this option is how well it matches just about every skin tone. Hair color companies like us are having a hard time keeping this type of color on the shelves due to the demand.

Lastly, you can go truly wild and pick colors that will truly transform a person’s blonde style. For example, silver is a shocking look that is particularly attractive for young people because it gives them a sophisticated look that contrasts with their youthful appearance. And bright colors like violet, green, and blue are all easy to add to blonde hair and create an immediate impression. Usually, these are good for those who want to make the most significant shock on the people around them.

Don’t Ignore Other Hair Zones

Lastly, you need to make sure that you work with hair color companies like us to find the proper colors for other areas of your clients’ bodies. These include their eyebrows, along with the roots, and other regions. Talk to them about whether or not they want to get dyed here before you start.

Typically, blonde hair in these areas will give away a dye job to anybody who sees the hair. Different-colored eyebrows are a dead-giveaway and should be adequately dyed to maintain color consistency.

We Can Help You Out

As you can see, working with the best hair companies in the USA can help make it easier for you to color blonde hair. And getting the best colors, tones, and textures should be a lot easier with a high-quality color that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Therefore, you should contact us at Artego USA to learn more about your coloring options. We have a very large supply and stock of colors that are restocked continuously and which can provide your salon with the best options that you can find for your money.