DECO BEAUTY: Professional Bleach Guide

A complete line of professional bleaching products designed to achieve the best performance, the Deco line is enriched with natural elements to respect the hair and take care of its beauty. A unique system conceived to carry out every bleaching technique, Deco is a must-have for the experienced and innovative professional stylist.

Loveley Light Cream

The Lovely Light bleaching cream is gradual and efficient, and enriched with corn proteins, castor oil and beeswax. Developing time may vary, depending on the desired bleaching level and on the hair structure. Check the hair every 5-10 minutes, and never use heat sources beyond 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

X Light Bleach

This blue bleaching powder is made with cotton oil for a quick and uniform bleaching. X Light highlifts up to 2 levels more than a traditional bleaching product and is suitable for both natural and colored hair. Developing time is based on the desired bleach level and hair structure; check the hair every 5-10 minutes.

No AM Bleach

This fast acting ammonia free bleaching powder is enriched with dairy proteins and cotton oil. Suitable for natural and colored hair, No AM provides quick and intense action and an extremely fast bleaching process. Check the hair every 5-10 minutes.

Balayage Bleach

This bleaching powder is enriched with cotton oil, guar gum and caolin, made specifically for balayage techniques or free-hand bleaching techniques. Deco’s Balayage powder only acts where it is applied; it doesn’t affect the rest of the hair it comes into contact with. Check the hair every 5-10 minutes.