BACK Gently removes colour from hair efficiently Removes all artificial colour safely and in 3 easy steps Zero ammonia, zero bleach Does not lift natural depth or tone virgin hair Contains argan oil to help improve hair condition Helps prevent fly-away hair and improves texture Restores hair’s natural shine and luster Removes product build-up Not […]


BACK PARAMETER T MOUSSETemporary waving mousse with delicate action, without ammonia and without Thioglycolates. Parameter T is based on Cysteamine, a natural, active ingredient that creates and maintains the form in a gentle way, respecting the hair structure.  It does not need the traditional neutralizing phase.  Live the Parameter T Soft Revolution and discover a […]


BACK The easy-to-use Artègo treatment, based on organic substances, that protects and restores the health of your hair during technical services. MULTIPHLEX ADDITIVE The Artègo treatment based on organic substances and intended to be used in combination with all chemical treatments. Multiphlex Additive gives the chance to preserve the natural health of the hair without […]