Best Organic Hair Color – Beauty Fusion

Artego’s Beauty Fusion hair color is the best organic hair color on the market today. The fresh scented cream is easily applied to create a rich, velvety texture. With 63 colors available, it is easy to create the perfect look that is both beautiful and derived from 99% natural ingredients.

See our FAQs below to learn more about why Beauty Fusion is the best organic hair color on the market today.

How can you take care of your clients grey hair?
With Beauty Fusion you can pick any shade from the color chart. Full service (permanent color) ensures 100% grey hair coverage, while Demi Plus (demi-permanent color) covers up to 70% grey hair.
• If used in the Full service, colors will be loyal to the color chart
• If used in the Demi Plus service, coverage will be more natural and see-through

How can you take care of your clients GREY, YELLOWED hair?
If you want to polish your clients grey hair, removing the residual yellow undertone and turn it into a brilliant white, use 9.11/9B or 10.02/10NV shades, containing blue or violet pigments, perfect to tonalize grey or yellowed hair.
To get the best result carry out an accurate diagnosis of the hair porosity and choose the most suitable color service, also considering the type of coverage the client wants (Full, Demi Plus or Gloss to intensify grey).

How can you take care of colored hair your client wants to darken?
With Beauty Fusion you can darken both natural and colored hair with the Demi Plus service. If you need to darken colored or bleached hair more than 3 levels, opt for Demi Plus repigmentation service, detailed in the Beauty Fusion technical guide. If instead you just want to lightly darken a discolored color, we recommend the Gloss service.

How can you take care of colored hair your client wants to bleach?
As you know already, color does not lift color.  Thanks to the Soft Light service it is possible to get gradual highlifting, also of cosmetic color, to erase/eliminate pigment overlaps caused by previous or repeated colorations.

How can you add more shine to your clients hair?
The extraordinary PHYTO-TECH formulation contained in every Beauty Fusion shade is rich in organic, illuminating ingredients, natural oils and waxes; if used as a Gloss acidic color, it makes sure the final result is incredibly shiny.  With Beauty Fusion you can also offer the Special Brilliant Service, for both natural and colored hair, with no pigments, created to add endless and incredible light to the hair.
Carry it out using CLEAR + OXYMILK 5 VOL.

How can I make color last longer?
Organic Radish and Vitis Vinifera contained in Beauty Fusion Phyto-Tech formulation act as a shield against all external agents causing color changes and dullness. To maximize color protection and shine over time it is fundamental to use and recommend specific color shampoos and conditioners, such as:
• Good Society 02 Rich Color Shampoo and Conditioner
• Rain Dance Color Shampoo and Conditioner

How can clients protect color during the holidays, against chlorine and salt?
Home maintenance is of the essence: always recommend specific maintenance products to protect the hair from the photo-oxidizing action of UV rays, sea salt and chlorine, such as Artègo Sunrise Sun Protective Oil.

How can you care for and take care of colored hair tips?
Tips are the most porous impoverished area of the hair, and we recommend to use a specific oil, that beyond carrying out a protective function, it has a disciplining and color maintaining one.
• Rich Serum Oil, from Rain Dance
• 51 Argan Oil Hair Serum, from Good Society
• 99 Gloss Serum, from Good Society

Can I use Beauty Fusion to realize streaks or balayage?
Yes, all the shades from the color chart can be used to carry our streaks or balayage; you can choose from classical or super blondes shades, always as FULL service. Either you work with foils or hands free, the recommended mixing ratio is 1:2. Don’t forget you can obtain a natural and gradual highlift with Beauty Fusion choosing the “Soft Light” service.

Is Beauty Fusion recommended on weakened hair?
Yes, because every shade has a Phyto-Tech formulation, rich in organic treating emollient, nourishing and protective ingredients. For a more delicate action, choose Demi-Plus service, with low ammonia content, or Gloss service, with acidic pH.

How can you eliminate orange residual reflexes?
Special shades 6.11/6B and 9.11/9B, with high concentration of blue pigment, are perfect to counteract and neutralize orange residual reflexes that often come out after bleaching.

How can you eliminate yellow residual reflexes?
Special shades 9.22/9V and 7.23/7NVG, with high concentration of violet pigment, are perfect to counteract and neutralize yellow residual reflexes that often come out after bleaching.

How can you eliminate ash residual reflexes?
You can do it using series .44/CC or .34/WG.
To counteract ash residual reflexes it is necessary to use Orange/Orange-Yellow reflexes. Series .44/CC and .34/WG contain both yellow and red reflexes in their formulations, that’s why they are particularly useful to counteract ash residual reflexes. For a more delicate effect we recommend to mix it with CLEAR.

How can you give the hair a gold reflex?
With all shades from the series .3/G. This family gives wonderful gold reflexes, with a very bold final effect (more intense than other color families).

How can you make your clients hair color cooler?
Using Demi Plus service, which gives a colder final reflex compared to full, and that can also be used to cool down warm colors.  As an alternative, you can use the cold shades from the Beauty Fusion chart (.1/A, .11/B, .13/S)  The shade 5.8/5M is really special: it has a deep green reflex, able to counteract red undertones. You can dilute with CLEAR to soften the final result.