99% natural, organic, acid-balanced, high-performing, protective, strengthening, made of shiny and powerful shades. 

It’s the revolutionary, one-of-a-kind, new color line you can find exclusively in Artègo salons: BEAUTY FUSION.

A collection of 63 oil shades, mixable among them, formulated with organic-certified ingredients as result of the phyto-technological research Artègo carries out to care for the beauty of the hair.

BEAUTY FUSION is a multifunctional protective color, the first on the market to offer all salon services in one: GLOSS tone-on-tone color, DEMI PLUS demi-permanent color, and FULL permanent color.

BEAUTY FUSION is more than just a color: it shields the hair from pollution, UV rays, and external agents while developing a strengthening, nourishing, anti-aging action. No PPD, DEA, mea, ammonia or added alcohol.

Artègo laboratories created a multifunctional color system: from tone on tone to 100% coverage, for tailor-made services.

This ground-breaking formulation has been perfected to meet diverse clients’ expectations, both in color and care. Men and women are growingly drawn to natural products, devoted to the health of their hair.



01 AND 02

5, 13, 20, 30, 40 VOLUMES


Application:  Lifted her new growth with Lovely Light Paste and 20 volume Lovely Light Developer., then mixed 30g pastel powder + 20g 9.2 + 10g 9.1 + 6g Booster 02 and 60g 13volume  OxyMilk. Applied over the entire head after drying to 60% dry. Processed 20 minutes.

BEAUTY FUSION is a multifunctional protective color, the first on the market to offer all salon services in one: GLOSS tone on tone color, DEMI PLUS demi-permanent color, FULL permanenent color.

BEAUTY FUSION has oil-gel texture favor pigments and active principles that transfer inside the hair fiber.  BEAUTY FUSION is multi-functional with 3 different textures it has depending on the service:

GLOSS Oil – Gel texture
DEMI PLUS  Gel texture
FULL Cream – Gel texture

BEAUTY FUSION means versatility: the same color bottle can be used to carry out tone on tone, demi-permanent, or permanent color services. A unique product, and cutting-edge in the professional color market. A marriage of senses, beauty, and well-being, all blended with excellent ingredients from the phyto-technological research.

With BEAUTY FUSION the student becomes the master, evolving Artego’s ‘Care for Beauty’ concept: a mix of 4 natural ingredients, perfectly calibrated and functional to fill the hair with health and energy. Includes  Organic Radish with protective, anti-aging action; Organic Vitis Vinifera (antioxidant, nourishing, strengthening); Organic Olive Oil with emollient, restructuring and illuminating properties; Organic Zanthalene® (soothing and calming).

Multifunctional system plus
• Oil color , formulated with 99% natural ingredients

• OXYMILK Developer, enriched with waxes and maize oil for a POLISHING hydrating effect

• MULTIFUNCTIONAL color to cover all salon color needs:

• Contains PURE PIGMENTS to ensure color stability and duration over time

• Low ammonia content

• 100% grey hair coverage

• High Lifting: Up to 5 levels of lift

• No streaks or discolored hair tonalization due to low ammonia content

• For natural or bold reflexes

• One special shade for men

• Anti-yellow and anti-orange special shades

• One special anti-red shade

• BRILLIANT service for marvelous shiny hair with CLEAR

• SOFT LIGHT service: illuminating highlifting or stripping

• 5 special blonde level 12 shades: use as Pastel or Super Blonde shades

• 5 special Pastel Blondes

BOOSTER is an ammonia cream that is used to make the system switch from acidic to alkaline, meaning turning the treatment from a tone-on-tone color with acidic pH to a demi-permanent alkaline one, up to a permanent color.

BOOSTER must only be used/ mixed with BEAUTY FUSION, following the ratios described in the guide and color chart. Being an alkaline component, it is
fundamental to stay within the recommended limits, following the indicated instructions and warnings. Never use BOOSTER unmixed.

Boosters have been calibrated and balanced so that color can cover grey hair and lift the natural hair color (if used from level 1 to level 6); used from level 7 to level 12, instead, they blend with color to cover grey hair and lift the hair natural color. It is fundamental to carefully follow the instructions and mixing ratios.  Never use Booster unmixed or outside the provided instructions; being an ammonia based cream with alkaline components, it may cause skin reactions and irritations.

BOOSTER 01 shades from 1 to 6
Possible Services:
From Level 1 to Level 6
Mixing Ratio:
DEMI PLUS 10% of the color
FULL 20% of the color

BOOSTER 02 shades from 7 to 12
Possible Services:
From Level 7 to Level 12
Mixing Ratio:
DEMI PLUS 10% of the color
FULL 20% of the color
SPECIAL BLONDE 30% of the color

Pure pigments advanced technology: 
Intermediate oxidizing pigments are an essential component of color. Technological evolution and special refining systems allows BEAUTY FUSION to offer extremely pure pigments, which have reduced molecular dimensions and do not contain a single trace of impurity.

BEAUTY FUSION technology provides a careful selection of pure pigments (oxidizing intermediate pigments) that help generate these benefits:

Less ammonia needed to help color penetrate into the hair
Color remains stable over time
The use of Pure Pigments means:
     Decreased risk of scalp sensitivity
     Bold colors and reflexes
     Greater safety for client
     No color change over time