BACK BENEFIT No frizz shaping cream for curly and very curly hair. It shapes and separates the hair making it perfectly ringed leaving it elastic and soft, not plasticized. SIZE 100 ml


BACK Gently removes colour from hair efficiently Removes all artificial colour safely and in 3 easy steps Zero ammonia, zero bleach Does not lift natural depth or tone virgin hair Contains argan oil to help improve hair condition Helps prevent fly-away hair and improves texture Restores hair’s natural shine and luster Removes product build-up Not […]


BACK TOUCH BE MATT PHYTOTECH STYLE & FINISH   BENEFIT Hair wax with a matte finish with medium to strong hold and Brazilian clay. SIZE Single format: 100 ml. Matt effect wax with medium strong hold and Brazilian clay FEATURES     It gives the hair texture and volume.    For matt textures and a medium-strong hold, for […]

Color Tools – It’s Color: Neutral & Blond

Neutral It’s Color Neutral contains the conditioners that make up the base of Artego hair color without any pigment. It has a variety of uses: 1. Use Neutral alone just for shine. Mix with 5 volume peroxide. 2. Mix Neutral with any Artego It’s Color shade to dilute and lighten the color approximately 1/2 level […]

Understanding Translucent Hair Color and Tone-On-Tone Coloring

Making color last in resistant hair (gray, blonde, red or hair with tight cuticle).  Because of the shine and reflective quality of Artego it’s Color, colorists who used outdated opaque hair colors may find that the tones of It’s Color are noticeably brighter and may look lighter than what they were used to. Artego It’s […]


BACK Artego Touch Straight Rules smoothing and disciplining cream that prevents frizz and protects the hair from high temperatures during hair styling. Effectively smooths, softens the hair fibers and, thanks to the mullein flower extract, gives them shine and softness. The captivating scent of mascarpone combined with the aroma of vanilla beans perfectly combines a […]


BACK Artego Touch Thermo Shimmer bi-phase spray comes in a form of light, shining mist that has added thermal protection, which creates a protective barrier around each hair strand. It makes your hair look lighter and newer by subtly adding shine and emphasizing the styling. Contains light-reflecting ingredients, that ensure a beautiful shine regardless of […]


BACK Ecological no-gas mousse with cornstarch. FEATURES• Perfect to define and shape the hair naturally.• It gives volume and fixation, adding flexibility and elasticity. SIZE Size 150ml FRAGRANCEIrresistible and sunny Japanese Camellia scent. NATURAL INGREDIENTCornstarch has a great curl definition action, leaving it light and soft, without adding weight. Hold factor 3


BACK Spray formulated with precious Provence salt crystals FEATURES     Perfect for texturizing the hair.    It recreates the waves and natural volumes of a day spent on the beach between sea breeze and refreshing baths.    Ideal for men and women. SIZE Size 250 ml FRAGRANCEAn ocean of male and female aromas such as Gaiac wood, […]


BACK Innovative hair beauty treatment. Anti-frizz, long lasting and discipling, with Tamarind seeds FEATURES     A new approach to cosmetic long-lasting disciplining treatments.    An innovative system to get disciplined, soft, restructured, shiny and easily manageable hair, after one application.    It preserves the style even in very humid environments. It acts thanks to the combination of […]