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Step 1
Apply New Hair System Pre-Shampoo * * twice massaging the scalp, but quickly on the lengths. No exposure time.

Dry the hair carefully with a towel to absorb all the .
water. If necessary leave the towel well wrapped for 2 more minutes.
Step 2
Treatment and Application
Divide the hair into 4 vertical sections, without combing it.

Set out bowl, clean brush, turban or cap and Artego
measunng syringe

Pour 35 ml of New Hair System Diamond Elixir into the measuring cup, close it up and warm it up for 20
seconds using a blow dryer.

Using blow dryer warm up the New Hair System Diamond Filler ampoule for 30 seconds (until ampoule becomes transparent). To accelerate the process shake the ampoule while warming it up. (It will become clear when warmed.)

Extract 5 ml of New Hair System Diamond Filler from the Ampoule using the syringe.

Pour 35 grams of New Hair System Diamond Elixir into the bowl, then add the 5 grams of New Hair System Diamond Filler.  Proceed with the mixing.
Blend the mixture until a homogeneous and compact cream is obtained.

Pay attention: the dosage of the two ingredients must be balanced as suggested: 1:7, otherwise results won't be granted. Wear single-use gloves.

* * In case of sensitized skin or damaged hair, replace
New Hair System Pre-Shampoo with Rain Dance Shampoo
Proceeding from the rear take 2 cm horizontal
sections. Apply the product with a brush starting 1
cm from the roots way down to the lengths. (best to
apply from ends to scalp on very damaged hair.)

Massage to facilitate a better assimilation of the product, carefully on the most damaged areas.

Once applied all over the hair, remove the product in
excess with a fine tooth comb.

Use a cotton antiperspirant turban, or cap, and stand
under a heat source for 15 minutes.

Remove the turban, leave at room temperature for 2 minutes.

Rinse quickly (Counting up to 20 for Anti-Age process
and 30 seconds for Volumizing process) under cold
water. Cold water facilitates the cuticle lock and the
crystallization of the product inside the hair.

Dampen the hair carefully and delicately.
Step 3
Place 1-2 pumps of Artego Rain Dance Thermo Active Repair Fluid on the palm, rub together and massage it into the most damaged tips.

Comb and proceed to a free-hand blow-drying,
creating the desired style.
Step 4
Finishing .. Flat Iron
Divide the dry hair into 4 vertical sections.

Repeat the Artego Rain Dance Thermo Repair Active Fluid application in case of particularly damaged tips to compact them and to give the client a unique gloss effect.

Pass 2 cm medium strands through the flat iron. The hair straightening definitely binds the Diamond Complex active substances to the hair.
Step by Step Instructions for
Creating Beautiful Shiny Hair
Diamond Filler
Diamond Elixir