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Artego Cool Blondes
Every woman demands a tailor-made color to bring out her style: unique, noticed, cherished.

You, as a beauty professional, know everything about it!

Color is the focus of every salon, that's why it is so important to create tailor-made services, so that every woman can feel special, unique.


Trends today are demanding: the hairdresser needs to discover and exalt all shades of blondes, especially its coolest tones.

Each shade needs to be glorified and customized, as showed by catwalks all over the world. Of course every color shines of millions of potential hues; but bionde has it's special way of expressing womanliness: from platinum, to irisé, going through ash bionde and endless pearly, iridescent hues.

To enrich the color palette and give you the chance to create different, personalized heads of hair, we broadened lt's Color and YoulUp2 ranges, with a contemporary special collection that will increase color combinations to get wonderful final results.
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Artego Cool Blondes
There are 11 new shades of Its Color blondes now available. They provide the trendy cool ashier tones highly requested by clients. They will liven up blondes and counteract unwanted tones. They are levels 8-10. They contain the blue, green and violet bases.
There are new series as well as ones we already know:
10.00 - a very cool level 10 double pigmented color. It provides great grey coverage.
10.11, 8.11-lntense ashes that cover grey and cancel orange/yellow tones.
10.81, 9.81, 8.81-or SA sandy ashes. These are cool beige tones that provide good grey coverage.
lOS - Sand. This gives us a level 10 Sand to go with the 7, 8 and 9 we already have. This green base series provides a beautifu l beige or sandy
blonde tone. Also good grey coverage.
9.12 - AV-ash violet base that is an iridescent color that cancels gold. It will provide fair grey coverage alone. This as well as the other colors
can be mixed with the .0 or .00 for better coverage.
9.16 - AR - adds to our chroma series. It is an ash red blonde. Alone will give fair grey coverage.
9.2 - Mother of Pearl is a purple pearl. It cancels gold and provides good grey coverage.
8,02 - NV - natural violet - provides a level 8 with the other Iris shades. It is also a pink violet base that cancels gold, Provides good grey coverage,
To use these 11 shades as toners process anywhere from 5- 25 minutes.  To use as permanent color process 35-40 minutes.

They can all be mixed with Its Color but not with the Highlift series.

Later 8 of these colors will be available in You Up 2 as well.

Clients are looking for more cool blondes colors so they will be very excited about these shades,

COOL BLONDE Video - Smoking Light

COOL BLONDE Video - Pearly Iridesence