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It’s Color Neutral contains the conditioners that make up the base of Artego hair color without any pigment.
It has a variety of uses:

1.  Use Neutral alone just for shine.  Mix with 5 volume peroxide.

2.  Mix Neutral  with any Artego It’s Color shade to dilute and lighten the color approximately 1/2 level to one full level.

3.  Add Neutral to bleaches to add condition and shine.

4.  If the client’s scalp is sensitive to bleach, add 1/2 ounce to bleach.

5.  Use Neutral on the ends to prevent color fadage.  Mix the formula and color the regrowth.  Add an equal amount of Neutral to the color remaining in the bowl.  Apply to the ends 5-10 minutes.  This creates beautiful
shiny color with zero fadage.  Also prevents dark ends as you are not overlapping color.  No need to soap cap which eliminates color dilution.


Extra Blonding Cream

1.  Use alone for one level of lift.

2.  Mix with any color including High Lift Blondes to achieve one full level of lift lighter.

3.  Mix with all Artego bleaches to convert the bleaches to on-the-scalp bleaches.


New High Lift Blondes
#911  Ultra Violet Blonde
#912 Ultra Pearl Blonde
The violet and blue bases in these high lift shades provide coolness necessary when lifting to counteract warmth in the hair.

High Lifts are always mixed with 2 parts 40- volume peroxide to 1 part High Lift Color.  Process for 45 minutes.


Control Cream

If you use a color processor or heat with your color, you need Control Cream.  It thickens up the color mixture so it does not run.  Mix 5cc’s (2 capfuls) with 60ml (2 oz) hair color and developers.  Process for 15 minutes under heat.  Cool down for 5 minutes to close the cuticle.


Zero Volume Peroxide

Use as a diluter with the other peroxides.  Mix equal parts 0% with 10% to create 5% peroxide.