Q-10 Mask

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Q-10 Collagen Replenishing Masque

Reduce signs of aging with injections or needles

Amazing results in just 30 minutes

How it works:

1.  The masque insulates your skin.

2.  Trapped body heat opens skin pores as it dissolves collagen and nutrients from the masque.

3.  Collagen and nutrients are absorbed through newly opened pores.


1.  Cleanse and exfoliate.

2.  Cut open the foil packet and remove the crystal-clear facial collagen masque.  Use immediately.

3.  Apply the facial colagen so that it covers your entire face.  You may use either side of the masque.

4.  Gently smooth the mask to ensure good contact with your skin.  It is best to lie down or sit in a reclined position.

5.  Leave mask on your face for at least 30 minutes.  FOR BEST RESULTS USE FOR 60 MINUTES.  Relax and enjoy yourself !

6.  Remove and dispose of mask.  DO NOT WASH YOUR FACE.

7.  Moisturize your face with any leftover collagen.