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Artego It’s Color is a harmonious, complete color system.  Beginning with ammonia free color gels, gentle permanent cream hair colors and bleaches, moving on to the combined oxidants and energizers.  Right through to the professional consultation tools such as color card and color design palette.

The economical and uncomplicated Artego It’s Color provides everything that a discerning color specialist would expect of a permanent hair color.  It not only stands out due to its excellent care and consistency, but it also has a particularly pleasant scent as it contains up to 1/3 less ammonia than conventional hair colors.

User-friendliness:  A promise that Artego not only makes but keeps ! There are no conversion problems with It’s Color.  The clear structure based on the well-known Level System from 1 to 10 makes the colors easy to use.  For all shades, the level is initially stated and then the  tone.  No confusion with fantasy names, only clearly stated, highly descriptive color names that tell you what to expect.

  • 25% higher pigment concentration
  • MCPC Multi Color Pigment Concentration (not based on blue or green)
  • With minerals and amphoteric molecules
  • Low ammonia content
  • No irritation, no dripping, no staining
  • Ideal coverage for grey and white hair
  • Pleasant scent


  • 5.1 oz tube
  • Low ammonia content
  • Higher pigment concentration
  • Multi pigment color system
  • Milk & coconut oils, amino acids and
    oligo minerals
  • Amphoteric molecules
  • Conditioning base
  • Consistent and balanced performance


  • Rich color results with perfect gray
    coverage even when used with 30 vol.
  • Fade resistant pigments
  • Extensive range of high lift shades


  • Mixing ratio 1:1,
  • High lift shades 1:2
  • Easy mix and application
  • Does not stain
  • No scalp irritations
  • Development time 30-45 minutes

Download Printed Color Chart

O2 Cream Developer Emulsion

  • Specific formula, for mixing with: It’s Color Permanent Color, No-AM and
    X-light bleaching powders
  • Maximum, long-lasting stability
  • Fast-acting
  • Does not swell
  • Compact cream, pleasant fragrance
  • Contains cosmetic and protective substances
  • Available in 0, 10, 20, 30 and 40 volumes
  • Creamy emulsion
  • Size: 1000 ml