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Siggers Balayage Classes

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BALAYAGE Class curriculum and itinerary

You may ask “Why is it so important for someone to travel to Atlanta and go through Balayage classes?”

This is vital to learning the technique here at Siggers, but also learning to discern which highlight clients are potential candidates for Balayage and which clients are suitable for foil highlights. Choosing the procedure that works best for the client is incredibly important to obtain beautiful results. Students do not need to bring tools to this class. All of the tools you need will be provided and explained to you by the instructors. For this class, students of all levels of experience are invited to learn Balayage together.

10:00-10:20 am: Welcome and Introduction
10:20 am: Preparation of mannequins
Students learn Balayage painting designs and techniques in a hands-on atmosphere through guided instruction.
Break for lunch (Lunch is provided at the salon.)
12:00-1:00-2:00 pm: Live models arrive for consultation and Balayage Service

Double Tree Hotel . 4156 LaVistaRoad . Atlanta, GA 30084 . (770) 938-1026
Rate: $79/night (includes a signature breakfast) Ask for the Siggers Hairdressers rate.
Standard room with 2 double beds, comfortable with 4 guests per room. Double Tree
Hotel will provide transportation back & forth from the hotel to the salon for classes.


2012 Class Dates
May 20-21
July 15-16
September 16-17
November 11-12